Friday, October 1, 2010

Achievement Motivation Personality Traits

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Achievement Motivation Personality Traits and Avoiding Procrastination

 There are people who really need to achieve goals during their lives. They are constantly planning for the future and having new purpose, these individuals have no problem avoiding procrastination. There are other people who are content to let life pass them by and just manage as things arise, avoiding procrastination is far harder for these individuals. They have no desire to set goals and can not . These two personality types are direct opposites from each other. People with a strong yearning to achieve goals while avoiding procrastination like achievement motivation.
 Achievement motivation theory has been defined by behavioral scientists as having a strong desire to achieve goals. People showing this behavior like to be in control and they are generally happy and have a good life. When people are avoiding procrastination, they respect themselves. They set difficult but manageable goals and they only like to take on tasks they can achieve. This personality trait can be wonderful if directed in the right way.

 People desiring achievement motivation like to be in control of things. They only want to perform things they will be successful in. They don’t want to leave anything to chance and have a hard time letting go of something. It is more important for them to succeed and complete the task than to get the reward of the achievement. For example this type of person would be happy to get all their homework completed on time avoiding procrastination and they would be less concerned about the grade attached to the homework. They will be proud that they finished the list of tasks given to them.

 Achievement motivation is beneficial in the business world. If there is a deadline for a project at work, this personality type will avoid procrastination by staying late and get the work done on time. They will be proud of their efforts in avoiding procrastination and finishing on time. Their motivation is not about if getting a bonus for the project. They will be proud to say it is done on time. Their unassuming nature will set them apart from their colleges. Coworkers will know this personality type is dependable and will get the job done, thus ensuring promotions along the way.
There are some side effects that can be negative for people with this personality type. They can sometimes place more value in getting the task done while avoiding procrastination than on relationships. They also need recognition and approval that they completed the task. They need this constant reassurance. They also take on tasks that show their expertise. This helps them be successful but they fail to grow in abilities because they limit themselves.  They will not take on some tasks because they are afraid they might fail. They only want to do those things that guarantee success.
 As with any personality trait, it is important to look at both the strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, everyone can be their best self. When people can turn their weaknesses into strengths they benefit and so do those around them.

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