Friday, October 1, 2010

How To Keep Motivated Avoiding Procrastination At Every Turn

Sometimes there are key phrases in our lives that prompt us into action. This positive motivation is something we all need to find in our lives. These thoughts can help us in our personal relationships, our work duties and in avoiding procrastination and attaining our goals. It is easy to hear or see positive images but it is important to keep motivated avoiding procrastination whenever possible. We do this by continually exposing ourselves to positive thoughts, pictures and emotions.
 There have been many motivating movies made over the years. The reason they are so popular is that we enjoy seeing others succeed when the odds are against them. They give us hope that we can achieve great things too. We leave the movie feeling like we can face hard things in our life. We gain positive motivation to move forward avoiding procrastination and trying our best. We may even remember a key saying from the movie that we can repeat to ourselves. This will help to be continually motivated.  Movies are powerful motivators because they engage so many of our senses at one time. We hear the movie, watch the images and feel the emotions that are shown.

 Feeling emotions prompts us to change our behavior and want to do more. Our mind notices the changes and wants to act. We have to keep showing and telling ourselves these positive messages to keep avoiding procrastination. These great stimulations will give us the power to overcome our challenges and to stay focused avoiding procrastination. By reading positive messages or having positive thoughts throughout the day, we can remain focused and energized.

 There are so many places we can find motivation to avoid procrastination. If we go around looking for positive motivation we will find it. It is important for us to create the visual motivation. Surrounding ourselves with energy by putting motivational images in places we look often. We can put the thoughts at work or home. Other places include: the bathroom mirror, the computer, on the fridge, or in our cars. The more times we are visually exposed to these uplifting thoughts, the more power we are giving them to change our lives.

 The power of choice is within us. We choose to be motivated negatively or positively- avoiding procrastination is a choice. Being surrounded by negative influences will drain our energy and will not encourage us to be better. We will only want to sit around and do nothing because all of our energy will be taken away. We will have no happiness in life and there will be no goals to achieve. On the other hand, when we are surrounded by positive motivation and easily avoid procrastination, we want to be our best self. We want to encourage others to reach their goals and there is a contagious energy. It is amazing! We should all choose to be surrounded by the positive.

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