Friday, October 1, 2010

Archie Sagamore

  Archie Sagamore is a father, an animal lover, and a person who is deeply interested in motivation.  Not just staying motivated and positive, but why we need to stay motivated, how to motivate yourself consistently with the expected results achieved, and ways to make this process a seamless and routine part of everyday life.

 Why are some people always achieving what they set out to do and others never achieve anything but the same negative results?  The people who are able to stay motivated and achieve positive results have common personality traits, similar views on how to reach goals, and habits that have been consistently integrated in to their everyday life. How is that the case? 

  There are a couple things I know:  Everyone wants something in life- these are things you may daydream about, or even never stop thinking about - if only I could go on that trip to France, or I want to learn to play Golf, I cannot wait until this or that happens then I will….  I also know that a lot of people do not achieve what they set out to accomplish because of some reason or another.  What is the X factor that makes some people achievers, even overcoming huge obstacles while accomplishing their goals?  It Is The Power of Motivation The Power to Motivate Yourself.  The ability to “will” yourself to take action that causes the desired results. There are many opinions, motivational theories, and inspirational sayings, regarding the ability to harness motivational power, however it is something that is inside of us all, pushing and beckoning us, a part of the fabric that makes us individuals and adds excitement to life!  All of us can achieve positive motivation -we can encourage each other –we can do it together!  

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